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MSc (Built Environment)


The programme is effectively 18 months in duration, and is presented on a four or five – block basis (block = six days).  In principle the blocks are scheduled as follows:

Block 1: first week of June/ July recess
Block 2: September / October recess week
Block 3: week after schools open at end of January
Block 4: first week of June/July recess 
Block 5: concurrent with Block 2

The block dates are as follows:








24 June -29 June 2013

23 June -28 June 2014



23-28 September 2013

6-11 October 2014



20-25 January 2014

19-24 January 2015



07-12 July 2014

06-12 July 2015



6-11 October 2014

28- September 2015 – 03 October 2015



21 November 2014

20 November 2015



Generally, two modules are presented per block. However, 2.5 modules are presented in each of blocks 1 and 2, which result in the completion of five modules in the first cycle, and the remaining four or five by September / October in the second cycle. The core module Research methodology is presented in the first two blocks, thus enabling commencement of the research project at an early stage of the programme – the submission date for the treatise being early December 2012 (2011 intake) and December 2013 (2012 intake). 

During Block 1 the following modules are presented: Research methodology (50%); Corporate strategy, Research methodology (50%); and Accounting and project finance. During Block 2, and Management information systems (MIS) for construction and IT applications, and a further module, related to each of the specialisations, will be presented.

Block 3 & 4 modules presented will depend upon the specialisations registered for.    Students have a choice of one elective in their specialisation, which is presented in Block 5.

Assessment procedures

The following assessment procedures apply:

  • In all modules, assessment is continuous – modules are assessed at the beginning of the following block;
  • Assignments are submitted for evaluation within the overall programme;
  • Individual and group project reports, interactive discussions, individual presentations are included within a comprehensive range of assessment processes, and
  • The appointment of moderators by the Faculty Management Committee, Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology, NMMU.


Please enquire on (041) 504 2258 for current fee structures when making application.


Application: R 240.00


Registration: R3300.00


Programme: Depending on the specialisation, there are 9 or 10 x 15 credit modules plus the treatise, which are 75 credits.  In 2012 the fee for the 15 credit modules amounted to R3080, 00 per module and the treatise was R8640, 00.  However, you must allow for escalation of fees, which can amount to approximately 10% annually.


Bursaries: There are a limited number of bursaries available, but applications close for most of them in mid to end September each year.  Information can be obtained from the NMMU’s  Research office: (041) 504 2538.  Furthermore, there are a limited number of Postgraduate NMMU Scholarships available.  


Application and registration


Application forms for admission to the NMMU together with an application to be admitted to postgraduate study (Form U24) may be obtained from our Admissions office (041) 504 4120 / 3447/2938, or downloaded from the NMMU website at . The completed and signed registration forms, together with the application fee, must be submitted to the Admissions Department for processing.


Once your application has been accepted you will be given a student reference number.  In order to register you must make an initial payment of R2200 (Part time, 2012 figure) and R3400 (Full time, 2012 figure).  This can be by cheque or direct deposit to the account in the name of Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University account number 080263011at Standard Bank, Port Elizabeth Branch (Branch code 050417) using your student number in the reference block and fax the deposit slip to the Faculty Officer for the Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment, and Information Mr Jonathan Dorothy. His telephone number is (041) 504 3447, and his e-mail:


The last day for 2015 ‘intake’ application is 30 April 2015.  However, we would appreciate your application as soon as possible.




We do not arrange accommodation, but Tourism (Port Elizabeth) can be contacted on (041) 585 8884 for suitable options close to the University.

Further information

The Programme Director

Professor John Smallwood                                                  


Phone:  (041) 504 2790                                                      

Mobile:  083 659 2492  

Contact information
Prof John Smallwood
Tel: 27 41 504 2790

Mr Luyolo Mahlangabeza
Tel: 041 504 1363

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